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Anime Detour mascot concept art (2017-2018)

This art was done between 2017-2018 for the Anime Detour convention in 2018. Mascot characters were designed by me.

Dian huynh small cover 17

Cover art for the Programing Guide booklet. That year's theme was "New Game Plus" so the characters are in an RPG-related party.

Dian huynh banner small size

Banner art for the Anime Detour website.

Dian huynh sketch

the early sketch for the banner art

Dian huynh small cover 01

concept sketches for the programming guide cover

Dian huynh small cover 02
Dian huynh small cover 03
Dian huynh brawler final small pic

For gaming merch.

Dian huynh atc sketch 8 small

Mascots in casual clothes

Dian huynh small atc sketch

early sketch

Dian huynh sword girl wip 06

Unused art concept, swordie.

Dian huynh sword girl wip 01
Dian huynh art archer small

Badge art: archer

Dian huynh art swordie small

Badge art: swordie

Dian huynh badge sketches
Dian huynh sword progress
Dian huynh badge art 2018

Other artwork for the badges.

Dian huynh character reference lineup

character sheets

Dian huynh singer01 v9 x

This was banner art for 2017's convention, which was music themed.

Dian huynh small wip 04

This was banner art for 2017's convention.